NCCEC Workshops

National Capital Christian Education Conference, January 26-27, 2018

Planned Workshops (as of 12/01/17)

Bible Content

Christ in the Passover (David Liebman)

This workshop and demonstration uses visual aids to paint a picture of how Jesus fulfilled the Feast of Sukkot (also known as the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles). We will explain the traditional and Christological significance of this holiday. Jesus' claims to be the light of the world and the living water are brought into perspective as the meaning of this holiday unfolds.

The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel (David Liebman)

This workshop focuses on the seven chief Old Testament holidays or feasts. You will learn the purpose of these celebrations both then and now. Learn how the coming of Jesus fulfilled those feasts and gave them a larger meaning.

Hooks for Hanging the Old Testament Storyline: Mastering an Old Testament Overview (Wayne Haston and Gil Thomas)

Participants will: learn to think their way through the Old Testament; learn the BIG storyline that flows from Genesis through Malachi; and receive resources for teaching this Old Testament storyline to others.

Hooks for Hanging the New Testament Storyline: Mastering a New Testament Overview (Wayne Haston and Gil Thomas)

Participants will: learn to think their way through the New Testament; learn the BIG storyline that flows from Matthew through Revelation; and receive resources for teaching the New Testament storyline to others.

Children’s Ministry

Building Relationships with Your Students that Last a Lifetime (Vermelle Greene)

In this workshop, participants will: examine types of relatiionships in Christian education and how they impact the Sunday or church school environment; discuss how the effective teacher views the importance of building relationships; discuss how positive relationships are built in the classroom; and examine specific strategies that can be used to nurture positive teacher-student relationships.

Putting New Life into Children's Ministry (Judy Kampia)

Participants will learn innovative ways to reach more children and share proven methods and strategies for children's ministry.

Teaching Children to Understand and Defend Their Faith (Beverly Carroll)

Participants will: learn the importance of apologetics in a child's life; value the impact apologetics has on strengthening a child's walk with God; and learn to plan teaching time so that it incorporates apologetics regularly.

Training for Reigning: Effectively Managing Your Classroom (Vermelle Greene)

Participants will: learn the difference between classroom management and discipline; learn to manage their classrooms and be successful in their teaching ministries; and discuss practical strategies that can be used effectively in all class levels, from young children to teens.

Christian Growth and Personal Development

Discovering Your Purpose (Rex Tignor)

Lord, Heal My Hurts (Roberta Bright)

Participants will: learn to recognize the real culprit who has been hindering their spiritual growth and development; learn how to walk in the victory that Christ has won for them; and be equipped to lead the next generation with the grace of God.

Overcoming a Fall (Rex Tignor)

Pursuing Your Purpose with Passion (Stevie Prather)

Participants will learn: how to determine their God-given purpose; ways that we are often held back from pursuing our purpose; and how to move forward when something has held us back. They will also be challenged to write a vision and begin setting goals.

Staying on Track (Rex Tignor)

Tailored Dreams: The Tailored Life (Daniel Christian Bradley)

This presentation will clearly define what it means to "live, move and have your being in Him." Participants will learn three of the most powerful lessons in life and ministry: to embrace God's vision over your plan; to see the promise from the pit; and to never forget the promise.

Evangelism and Discipleship

Better than Barbeque! (Rex Tignor)

Using a model developed by a real life business, participants will learn how to be true disciples of Christ at work and discover the real impact of a Christian based business.

Sharing the Gospel So That It Sticks (Gil Thomas and Wayne Haston)

Participants will: learn how to show the Gospel so that others will understand, embrace, and hang on to it; and learn how to gauge where people are in their understanding of and receptivity to the Gospel.

Sharing the Gospel with People of Non-Christian Faiths (Gil Thomas and Wayne Haston)

Participants will: learn what "worldview noise" is and how to cut through it effectively when sharing the Gospel; and learn how to "peel worldview onions," to get to the core of what people truly believe.

Using the Arts to Transcend Barriers (Clarissa Stroud Kemp)

Participants in this workshop will learn creative ways to incorporate the arts into evangelism efforts.

Leadership (designed for pastors and ministers)

Fit For Your Flock: Fitness Stewardship Programs for Pastors and Ministry Leaders (Tiffany Santana)

Participants will learn: Biblical principles and practices that support a healthy, sustainable lifestyle; practical ways to incorporate fitness and ministry; and the definition of "fitness stewardship" and how pastors can lead their congregations in honoring God with their bodies.

The Small Church in Action (Jevon Billups)

Many churches do not have large budgets, big buildings, or many bodies to fulfill their great visions. However, small churches are effective when they specialize in what they do best. Participants in the workshop are invited to: consider what motivates small congregations; explore strategies that will help small churches turn struggles into successes; and discover how to be faithful and have fun at the same time.


The Big 4: How to Deal with Conflicts, Anger, Words and Forgiveness (Jack Eaton and Casey Fabling)

Missions and Outreach

The Now Generation: The Great Commission and the Next Mission Force (Dennis Washington)

The call to the Great Commission is a call to all Christians of every time and every place. This generation, however, has a unique opportunity to fulfill the task remaining. Jesus told His disciples to "lift up your eyes and see that the fields are white for harvest." In this workshop, we'll learn the who, what, where, why and how of the harvest so that we can be sure to pass along the Gospel baton.

Music Ministry and Worship

Sifting the Collision of the Generations: Values for Discerning Worship Music in Youth Ministry (John McNeill)

This workshop will address the cultural challenge of selecting worship music in church, the significance and impact of music in the church, and five values for discernment of worship music.

Worship Cultures (Jevon Billups)

It has been said that it is easier for believers to work together than to worship together. Our churches often grapple with remaining relevant to contemporary culture while not conforming to the world's mold. In this session, participants will: discuss the conflicts between culture and congregations; consider the effects of "doing business as usual" versus confronting change in worship; and explore ways to improve worship ministry within the ministry of faith.

Personal Finance

Not Rich...Just Not Broke! (Deborah Love)

Money in the Hands of a Christian (Jim Hogsett)

Participants will: understand God's truth versus money myths; learn how to increase and protect wealth; and learn how to bring the family together to use money in agreement with God's Word.

Strategies for Creative and Effective Teaching

Explosively Fun Multi-Sensory Teaching Ideas (Beverly Carroll)

Participants in this workshop will: understand that multi-sensory teaching contributes to the learning process of every child; value the use of multi-sensory teaching as a means for making learning permanent; and use the methods presented to engage children's interest so that spiritual transformation can take place.

Speaking with Crystal Clear Focus (Joan Nordby)

Participants will learn strategies to ensure that their messages are focused and clearly delivered. They will learn a proven process for making presentations memorable and relevant.

Teaching Boys: The Rules of Engagement (Vermelle Greene)

Participants will learn how the male brain functions and how that functioning affects learning and behavior. They will also discuss methods and practice strategies to teach boys in the ways that they learn best.

Young Adult Ministry

Creating Intergenerational Worship with Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers and Builder Generations (Thomas Brackeen)

How to Reach Me, a Millennial (Casey Fabling)

Creating a Culture of Success for Young Adult Ministry (Thomas Brackeen)

How to Have that Talk about Sex and Relationships with Millennials (Thomas Brackeen)

Youth Ministry

Looking Beyond the Church Doors (Ray Nelson)

Youth Mentoring that Develops Transformational Leaders (Ray Nelson)

Creating Non-Christian Friendly Experiences that Win Unsaved Kids (Ray Nelson)

Building Collaborative Relationships with the Five Places of Hope (Ray Nelson)


The Woman and the Issue: Shepherding Hurt Women to Be Resilient (Tiffany Mallory)

In this workshop, participants will: receive practical information, such as recognizing the signs of pain, and appropriating the right tools, constructed to help leaders guide women to deal with the trauma of sexual and emotional abuse; be trained to empower women to find their "inner voice" by responding to the pain from a positive cognitive and emotional perspective to produce a culture of sustainable resiliency; be taught how to lead a generation of hurting women into freedom by breaking generational curses and strongholds.